Smarter Not Sweeter*

15g Protein. 9g Sugar. Zero Hype.

* 40% less sugar than leading Greek Lowfat yogurt; YQ contains 9g sugar per 5.3 oz serving; the leading yogurt brand contains 16g sugar per 5.3 oz serving
Assorted cups of YQ by Yoplait yogurt on a purple background

YQ is simple. Choosing a flavor is not.

Eight delicious flavors made with ultra-filtered milk.

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Two cups of YQ yogurt on a yellow background

Excuse me, are my benefits showing?

See how YQ stacks up against the rest.

a grapefruit avocado bowl

Great recipes start with good ingredients.

Simple recipes make it easy to get more of the good stuff.

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A cup of YQ Plain yogurt

Plain with 1g sugar. Boom.

Eat it plain or add your favorite toppings.

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